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General Information

Bet365 was founded in 2000 by the Coates family who had a a background in running betting shops. The natural leader of the pack turned out to be Denise Coates, who still is a joint CEO at the company. I remember we industry people used to laugh them off in the early 2000s. We named them Bet 3.65 as they slashed even marginal winners brutally. Wow, how that has changed. Denise Coates has built a modern, world beating organisation strong on managerial, technical and product knowledge. Her effort and vision has taken them to glory, and Bet365 is now one of the real powerhouses in Online Betting. Add to that a full product suite for just about every gaming vertical and you admit you are staring at the real deal.

Financial matters

Solid! It is the only word I can find. The company is still a serious growth case with the last full year financial report (2011) showing a 20% growth in revenues. Over £500M was turned over in the company the same year. For 2012 I expect even more growth. The company also has plenty of money in the coffers for a rainy day, so our money should be safe and sound. As the Bet365 figures are widly available on the web one can also easily follow their performance and get out of Dodge in time need be.

Payment Methods

Bet365 have various solutions depending on what market you are in.

Website performance and usability

The website functions surprisingly easy given all the content on-site. Navigation is logical, and speed is good. No matter what your level of betting expertise is; you will enjoy the Bet365 betting experience. Bet365 offers a lot of live streams for sport and combine this with other apps such as live betting (streaming available for customers with a funded account or those who have placed a bet within the last 24 hours. Geo-restrictions apply). Not even this takes down the usability or performance. The site just keeps on delivering seamless. I do know Bet365 has invested heavily in tech and product in order to get to this point. Seeing what they have managed to do I can't do much more than to cheer them to the fullest extent of my vocal abilities. Well done!

Customer Service

Sadly, often one will find that customer service is reverse proportional to size. Not so with Bet365. The e-mail support is fairly quick and efficient. The newsletters Bet365 send out are relevant, and the live chat functionality on-site is helpful and easy to use. Bet365 also offer easy "How to" guides that any beginner will find a good hand to hold when walking through the first steps such as registration or placing the virgin bet.



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