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What is 1X2 betting?

By Ronny on August 19, 2012 in Betting Guide, Sports

1X2 betting is also known as three-way betting, and simply refers to betting on a home win, a draw or an away win. This is typically what you used to find on betting coupons when visiting a good old fashioned UK betting shop. The 1 marks the home win, the X marks the draw and the 2 marks the away win. To illustrate I would like to point to another popular form of betting. Asian handicap lines for instance consists of only two outcomes. The bookmaker attempts to make the line as even as possible utilizing handicaps. In their 1X2 betting, the bookmakers do not seek to even out any difference in class between the listed teams or players for that bet. 1X2 betting lines simply aim to reflect the true odds of every possible outcome minus the bookmaker’s hold.

1X2 betting example

You have found a game you want to bet on. It happens to be Premier League betting that is on your plate for this evening. Aston Villa – Newcastle is the Monday night game and you are planning to meet up with your mates at the pub. On the way you go by the betting shop and look up the match in their betting offer. The home win (1) is priced at 2.55. The draw is priced at 3.30 and the away win is 2.85. If you choose to bet on Villa you have made a 1 bet. If you bet the draw you went for X, and if you went for Newcastle you bet on 2.

What markets are 1X2 used for?

Bookmakers use 1X2 betting pretty much for every market where three outcomes are possible. It is also used in European handicap betting lines where a draw is still possible. A European handicap would typically be when one team is given a one goal head start, but the option of a draw is still possible on the betting coupon. Most bookmakers in Europe prefer 1x2 lines over the above mentioned asian lines. Why? Simply because they make more money. Very few punters pick the draw, and those so value oriented that they do, often get limited in terms of how much they can stake on such a bet. On top of that, the bookmakers often are smart enough to keep the draw odds closer to the true odds, and deduct more of their juice from the 1 and 2. So most of the time the draw comes around the bookmakers can high five. On top of that, at least until recently the bookmakers have been able to deduct more from the true odds in their offerings on the 1x2 lines than what we punters prefer. There is heavy competition in the market these days though, so with some shopping around, one can get pretty good lines though. 1X2 Predictions and Tips analyses hundreds and hundreds of betting events on a monthly basis. The idea is to give you a solid platform when you are picking your bets. Hopefully over time we can help you win money, or at the very least save you big losses. You can find all our betting predictions and betting tips here: predictions and tips

What bookmakers to choose

Be sure to select trusted, solid bookmakers for your betting. In the jungle of bookmakers very few will stand the test of time. The betting market is becoming more and more regulated, and the competition is fierce. Putting your money with the wrong bookmaker can end up with your bankroll going from hero to zero in no time. Here are two bookmakers we are fairly confident will be around for a very long time to come. Be sure to have an account there!

1. BET 365: The obvious choice is BET365. They got a massive list of bets available, and offer a very generous 100% deposit bonus as well. If you like to bet big, this is also one of few EU licensed bookmakers where they still will take a fair bit of action. Try out BET365? You should, they are the gold standard in Europe. If you are not. You are really giving money away. Test them here Take me to Bet365

2. : Another relatively player friendly bookmaker is Unibet. By gamblers. For gamblers has been their punch line for years. They do limit faster though, so for value only-punters this is not the best destination. But, if you are looking for good bonuses. A good selection. More than decent odds, and a high degree of fairness. This is something you can try out. Do click here if you would like to test Unibet.

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