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Recap of weekend predictions - six winners out of seven predictions!

By admin-alf on August 31, 2015 in Football, Sports

This weekend we published seven predictions, and six of them were winners! We hope you followed our tips, and remember to always check our predictions page for all the latest free football predictions. Below we give you a short recap of the predictions.

Man City v Watford - City win to nil

Our bet was for Manchester City to win the match to nil at odds 11/10 (2.10). Manchester City did not disappoint, they took their third win to nil for the season by winning 2-0, making this bet a winner.

Bournemouth v Leicester - Foxes to pounce

The match ended 1-1, so this made our bet on Leicester +0.25 at odds 21/20 (2.05) a half winner - in other words you would get half your stake back and win on the other half.

Aston Villa v Sunderland - goals for sure

We expected plenty of goals in this match, and the teams did not disappoint. In fact, it only took 11 minutes for the bet to be a winner, as Sunderland scored in the 8th minute and Aston Villa only three minutes later! The match ended 2-2, and the bet was for both teams to score at odds 11/10 (2.10).

Huddersfield v QPR - Rangers to get a result

We bet on the outsider in this match, QPR draw no bet at odds 2.02. Huddersfield had the possession, but was unable to do anything with it against a well-drilled QPR defence. In the end it was QPR that scored the only goal of the match in the 84th minute, making this bet another winner.

Derby v Leeds - Dirty Leeds to get something

We won this bet by a good margin, as Leeds won 2-1 and the bet was on Leeds +0.75 at odds 11/10 (2.10).

Ipswich v Brighton - Tractor Boys to stall

This was an action-packed match with both plenty of goals and plenty of yellow cards. Our bet was on Brighton +0.25 at odds 21/20 (2.05), and it was Brighton that opened the score sheet by scoring two goals in the 10th and 12th minute. Ipswich fought back and scored the equalizer in the 65th minute, but only two minutes later Brighton scored their third goal of the match. They kept the lead till the end, winning 3-2, making this another winning bet!

MK Dons v Birmingham - Dons to do it again!

This was our only losing bet of the weekend, as Birmingham won 2-0 and our bet was MK Dons -0.25 at 1.89.

Overall result

With 1 unit placed per bet, the return was a hefty 11.4 units - this means 63% profit, well done to our regular tipster Dan Adair! 

We hope you followed our football predictions and made some money, and remember to check our predictions page for upcoming free predictions. There is not a lot of league action during this midweek, but later in the week we have plenty of internationals matches, including the qualifiers for the European Championship.

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