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Recap of Tuesday predictions

By admin-alf on August 26, 2015 in Football, Sports

There were lots of interesting football matches and betting opportunities yesterday, with both the Champions League qualification and the English Capital One Cup. We had a total of six predictions out, below is a short recap of how those ended. As always, make sure you check our predictions page for all the latest free football predictions!

Monaco v Valencia

Our prediction was for both teams to score, as Monaco had to win by two clear goals and Valencia would look for several counter attacking opportunities. As it turned out, it was Negredo opening the score sheet for Valencia after only four minutes. This made the task for Monaco almost impossible, but they did manage to equalize after just 18 minutes. They scored a second goal in the 75th minute and played a good second half, but were unable to put proper pressure on Valencia and convert their chances to more goals. Our bet was a winner at odds 1.91 (10/11)!

Malmo v Celtic

We expected Malmo to win this match and put our money on the Malmo draw no bet option at 1.90 (9/10). Malmo has previously shown their potential at home by beating Salzburg 3-0, and they managed to beat Celtic 2-0. Even though Celtic had most of the possession, Malmo was the best team with more attempts on target.

Doncaster v Ipswich

Our bet was on Doncaster +0.25 as Ipswich would rotate their team and this would give Doncaster a good chance to upset them. As it turned out, Williams scored the first goal for Doncaster, and their lead lasted for a bit over 20 minutes. In the 58th minute Pitman equalized for Ipswich, but they did not manage to score any more goals during ordinary time. Our bet is therefore half a winner and half a push. In the extra time Ipswich proved they were the better side, scoring three times and taking the win.

Aston Villa v Notts County

Our bet was Aston Villa -1, as with a difference of three divisions between the sides we expected them to win big. In the end they did win by 5-3, but only after extra time. During ordinary time, Notts County surprised by taking the lead after just 17 minutes and then again in 45th and 56th minute – each time Aston Villa replied quickly and equalized. It was 3-3 after ordinary time, so the bet was lost. In overtime the difference of quality between the teams finally became apparent in the number of goals too, as Aston Villa scored two more goals.

Rotherham v Norwich

Our bet was on Norwich to win, odds 1.80 (4/5). Rotherham played quite a good match and did put some pressure on Norwich, and it was much due to the performance of Norwich goalie Rudd that Norwich secured the win. Overall, Norwich was more effective at finishing, scoring their goals in the 22nd and 68th minute. Rotherham did not get a goal until the 80th minute, and so the bet was won!

Luton v Stoke

Our bet was for Stoke -0.75, but it was not to be as the match ended 1-1 and Stoke only won after a penalty shoot-out. Stoke did take the lead in the 57th minute and was very close to winning, but Luton scored the equalizer in the last minute of ordinary time. Both sides fielded strong teams, and as expected the Premier League side was the strongest, with the most possession and attempts on goal. But Luton defended well, denying Stoke time after time.

Overall result

With six bets, three of them winners and one a half win/half push, we did make a decent profit for the day. If you had bet 1 unit per bet, you would have earned 6.58 units on a 6 unit stake, giving you a nice 9.7% profit!

So make sure you keep updated by checking our predictions page regularly, and also take advantage of the many bonus offers by signing up with one of our bookmakers.

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